I usually work with individual therapy patients in 50-minute sessions, one to three sessions per week. Taking into account your treatment goals as well as practical concerns (such as time and finances), you and I will collaborate to develop a therapy schedule that makes sense for you. And remember, nothing is ever cast in stone. As our work together progresses we can always make changes—individual therapy can become couple or family therapy, once per week therapy can become twice, a Tuesday appointment can be moved to Thursday. The important thing is that you and I maintain an open dialogue about how best to help you reach your therapy goals.

When to consider individual therapy:

  • You suffer with a specific symptom (i.e. anxiety, depression, phobia) from which you want relief
  • You’re troubled by ineffective or self-defeating patterns of behavior in one or more areas of your life
  •  You want one-on-one support from your therapist
  • You feel your problems originate within you
  • You feel you need couple or family therapy, but your partner or family refuses to go