I generally work with families for 60 minute sessions once per week.  It is best if all members of the family (including babies and toddlers!) attend each session.  If scheduling constraints make this impossible, or if one member of your family is resistant to coming to therapy, we’ll work together to decide a course of action.



When to consider family therapy:

  • As a parent, you feel out of control of your family’s functioning
  • There’s a lot of fighting and unhappiness in your family
  • One or more of your children seems to running things
  • Everyone agrees the family needs help
  • One or more members of your family are in individual therapy, and it isn’t working
  • More than one member of your family needs therapy, but you have limited financial resources
  • One member of your family is in individual therapy, and others are having trouble adjusting to the resulting changes
  • Your family is having trouble facilitating the separation of an older child who is ready to leave home
  • One or more of your children feel they’re being unfairly treated