In my therapy practice a couple is defined as any two people who share lives, love, and intimacy.  I generally work with couples in 60 minute sessions with a frequency of 1 or 2 sessions per week.  Sometimes, because of scheduling constraints, we may decide to meet once per week for an extended session (say, 90 minutes).  At some point during the course of our work I am likely to ask to meet with each member of a couple individually for one or two sessions.


When to consider couple therapy:

  • You and your partner agree that your relationship needs work
  • You or your partner haven’t benefited from individual therapy
  • Your therapist (or your partner’s) feels your problem is a couple problem
  • Either you or your partner is in individual therapy, and the other is having trouble adjusting to the resulting changes in your relationship
  • Couple therapy is the only way to get your partner to see a therapist
  • You both need therapy, but you can’t afford two individual therapists
  • You have a sexual difficulty that may be related to a difficulty in the relationship
  • You are struggling with the question of whether or not to remain a couple